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Architecture - Solid Oak experts can help your architecture team apply CoverAll™ early in the design cycle to reap the benefits of automatic assertion generation in Module- and System-level verification.

RTL Design - Solid Oak experts can train and assist in applying CoverAll™ during the design phase.

Module-Level Verification - Solid Oak experts can assist in applying CoverAll™ to augment your current methodologies and improve functional coverage and quality before modules enter the system-level verification stage.

System-Level Verification - Take full advantage of the benefits of assertion based verification (ABV) methods. Solid Oak's experts can train and assist your verification team to utilize CoverAll™ to capture critical coverage points.

Formal Verification - leverage Solid Oak's expertise in applying formal verification techniques to your current projects. Utilize CoverAll™ to automatically generate targets and constraints.

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Solid Oak's Methodology

Utilize flow and timing diagrams early in the design flow to capture the design intent.
Write module level RTL. Extract the assertions and path covers utilizing CoverAll™ from the original diagrams.
Formally verify the RTL design against the CoverAll™ generated assertions, sequences and path covers.
Apply the verified assertions, sequences and path covers during Module and System-Level verification to provide the functional coverage metrics to know when the design is completely validated.

Functional Verification is demonstrating the intent of a design is preserved in it's application.

Andrew Pizialli

Functional Verification Coverage Measurement and Analysis

ABV Techniques:
provide the metrics necessary for verification closure
can be used in both simulation and formal verification
increase simulation observability
provide functional test points in the design
simplify the detection of bugs earlier in the process

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